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Questions?  Email:  detroliol@wrentham.k12.ma.us

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Summer ​Institute

Summer 2016 
Our 22nd Year!

Session 1

June 27-July 1

AM: 8:45-11:45

PM: 11:45-2:45​

Session 2​

July 5-July 8

AM: 8:45-11:45

PM: 11:45-2:45​

Session 3

July 11-July 15

AM: 8:45-11:45
PM: 11:45-2:45​

Session 4

July 18-July 22

AM: 8:45-11:45

PM: 11:45-2:45​


Class Openings Updated as of  6/21/16

Session 1 AM June 27th-July 1st                               8:45-11:45

Course #Course NameEntering GradeAvailable Openings
1SportsK-6Class is Full
2Letterboxing and Water Play2-66
3ArtOpia3-6Class is Full
4Eat, Craft, LoveK-44
5Mad Scientist FunK-5 (changed to include K, 1)Class is Full
6Girls Lacrosse2-6cancelled
7Indoor/Outdoor Summer PlayPreK (ages 4 &5)- K4
8Fairy Tale CraftsK-2cancelled
9Candy and Treat MakingK-6Class is Full
10Unplugged Summer Fun2-6cancelled



Session 1 PM June 27th -July 1st                               11:45-2:45

Course #Course NameEntering GradeAvailable Openings
11Games, Games, GamesK-4cancelled
12Let's Go CampingK-4 (changed to include K)8
13Yoga and Good Health Practices2-6cancelled


 ​Session 2 AM July 5th-July 8th                     8:45-11​:45

Course #Course NameEntering GradeAvailable Openings
14Little ChefsK-34
15Funky Furniture3-69
16Pinkalicious FunK-2cancelled
17Book Making1-4cancelled


Awesome Activities with Art, Coding, Language Arts, Math, Reading and Word Processing2-3cancelled



Session 2 PM July 5th -July 8th                        11:45-2:45

Course #Course NameEntering GradeAvailable Openings


 Act it Out!




 Have Passport Will Travel!




Kindergarten-Exploring the Delaney Computer Lab



​ ​
                                   ​Session 3 AM July 11th -July 15th                        8:45-11:45

Course #Course NameEntering GradeAvailable Openings
22Wilderness SurvivalK-34
23Return of the Tie-Dye1-66
24Junior DetectivesK-22
25Nuts About Nature1-4cancelled
26Spanish 1013-6cancelled
27"Mad Science"3-66
28A Yummy Twist to Science Camp2-6Class is Full


Jump Start to Kindergarten!


30Fun With WaterK-15



​                       Session 3 PM July 11th -July 15th                   11:45-2:45

Course #Course NameEntering GradeAvailable Openings


 Movie Mania




Jump Start to First Grade




Legos, Legos, Legos!




American Girl Club

 K-4 (changed to include K, 1)


                   Session 4 AM July 18th -July 22nd               8:45-11:45
Course #Course NameEntering GradeAvailable Openings


Tennis-Beginners & Intermediates


Class is Full
36All About the Bling!K-68
37Summer Science2-51
38Act it Out!2-67
39Motor MovementPreK (age 4&5)- Grade 17​
40Boston Strong!2-49


 I Believe in Fairies


Class is Full


                Session 4 PM July 18th -July 22nd               11:45-2:45

Course #Course NameEntering GradeAvailable Openings
43The Beauty SalonK-61



We will accept registrations all summer up until a class starts if there is an opening in the class!