We are now providing many of our registration forms in an interactive format via Adobe Acrobat.  This allows you to fill in the forms using your browser.  You can then print them out and bring them to one of the offices. 

These forms should not be e-mailed to the school.​​

If you are not comfortable filling them out on computer, you could simply print the Adobe PDF version and fill them in by hand. You must have the FREE Adobe Reader 7.0 or better on your computer. They will work on every type of computer and print correctly on any type of printer.

You can download Adobe Reader from http://get.adobe.com/reader or go to www.adobe.com and use the "Adobe Reader" link. Before downloading, choose whether or not to include the  trial software offers and click on "Install Now." Then follow the directions.​

Registration Procedures and FAQ for Preschool through Grade 6 ​​​

Pre K and Kindergarten Registration Dates

Wrentham Public Schools Pre-Enrollment Checklist
Project Blossom Preschool and Full Day Kindergarten will also require Tuition Forms.
Project Blossom Preschool will also require an Application for the appropriate age group.

​​Tuition and Fees You can make your payments online using a variety of payment options.

About Using FACTS
For more detailed information on ​tuition and fees, please visit the District Office page.

$175 - $300 per student/month

Full Day Kindergarten​ Tuition Form​​

$325 per student/month​

$125-$300 per year

Preschool and Kindergarten Screening​

Kindergarten Screening is mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The screening process involves:

  • Assessing basic readiness skills in concepts, motor, and language to identify any students in need of special education services

  • A norm reference tool that yields age equivalent scores

  • Wrentham Public Schools use the DIAL-4, Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning

The Details
  • It is NOT a pass fail test to enter Kindergarten or determine readiness​​​

  • ​The entire screening process takes approximately 60 minutes

  • Screening is completed by teachers in Kindergarten classroom

  • Parents do not accompany children to the classroom ​

  • Parents will be informed of results

Prepare by ensuring your child gets a good night's sleep. Role playing might be helpful so your child feels comfortable going with the teacher​.

Getting To Class/Home

Bus routes change as enrollment shifts. Double check which route your student is on, or are they going to bike to school? Do they go to after school care instead of home? Go over transportation safety and the rules for drop-off and pick-up.

Transportation Services

Attendance: Arrivals and Dismissals

Required Registration Forms

  1. Original Birth Certificate
  2. Residency Affidavit
  3. Proof of Re​sidency & Occupancy
  4. Student Enrollment Form
  5. Consent for Release of Information
  6. Home Language Survey
  7. Record of Most Recent Physical and Immunizations​
  8. Health History
  9. MA School H​ealth Records
    1. ​MA School Health Record (Interactive)
  10. Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children
  11. Student Technology Use Policy and Agreement
  12. School Records Request
  13. Free/Reduced Lunch Application​​​
​​​​​Preschool Applications:

​Residency Forms:

Leaving the School?

Student Records Release Form

Classroom Supply Lists

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6 (By Homeroom)
Ms. Brackett and Mrs. Haughey
Mrs. Cederbaum and Miss White
Mrs. Curtin, M​s. DeTrolio, and Mrs. Fownes