Wrentham Public Schools is an elementary district committed to providing
a free and appropriate education
for all students enrolled from preschool through grade 6.


General Education Interventions

All students are provided with curriculum that is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (including the Common Core), and instruction is provided by highly qualified, licensed teachers. Data from common assessments and universal screenings assist teachers in identifying students who may require specific accommodations, and/or additional support services to be successful. General education interventions are provided for any student who is presenting with academic and/or social-behavioral concerns, and their progress is monitored on a regular basis during the interventions.

Our elementary schools have Student Support Teams who meet regularly to determine appropriate strategies for struggling students based on a tiered approach. General education support may include access to Counseling services, Title I, Reading and Math Assistance, and English Language Education. The provision of support services continues until the student is making effective progress. If at any time a disability is suspected, the student will be referred for a special education evaluation; however, the general education interventions should continue, since this progress monitoring data becomes part of the evaluation process.

Special Education Services

Special education is specially designed instruction and/or related services to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities so they can access the same educational opportunities as their peers.  Special Education services are available to students who meet mandated eligibility criteria (MA 603 CMR 28.05) beginning at age 3. With parent permission, a multi-disciplinary Team assesses a student based on their suspected disability. At a meeting with the student's parents, the Team determines eligibility and develops an appropriate Individualized Education Program (IEP) in the least restrictive environment. A continuum of inclusion and pull-out services are available at all grade levels, as well as educationally necessary, school-based related services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy.



          General Education

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