The Wrentham Public Schools is committed to providing a safe environment for its students.  Every attempt is made to protect students both physically and psychologically.  Student safety is a priority from the time the student steps on the bus in the morning to the time that step off the bus in the afternoon.

The student's physical well-being is addressed through procedures such as locked outside doors, a buzzer system, visitor check-in, and CORI checks.  The student's psychological well-being is addressed through such things as positive student interaction, positive referrals, DARE, and Open Circle.


Technology Safety

Technology safety is a high priority.  Every attempt is made to keep students and their information protected.  A state-of-the-art firewall and Internet filtering system are carefully managed to protect our students from inappropriate material and our information from unauthorized access.  Individual e-mailing and chatting are not made available to our students.  Every attempt is made to block access to e-mail and chat outside of our network.  Internet safety is taught to all students by our lab teachers.

Technology Safety

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Internet Filtering Information

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