is an online licensed software the WPS purchased for students to use at school and at home.  It offers a self paced, personalized typing course that is stimulating, captivating, flexible, and effective. 


During computer class, students use the Typing Pal Online site to practice proper keyboarding techniques and to increase both speed and accuracy.  

***All students should utilize Typing Pal at home to practice for 10 minutes every day or every other day.


Important Log-in Information

Website URLTypingPal Link
Website Code​wrntdela
​Usernamewp + 1st name initial +
middle name initial + last name initial + # (1-10)
Example:  Alice Marie Davis
Username is wpamd1
​Password​Student's personal school password


Keyboarding Tips and Rules:

​1.​Use the correct finger to strike each key.
​2.​Do not look at your hands while typing.
​3.​Sit up straight.
​4.​Keep both hands on the keyboard and  your fingers on the home row.
​5.Keep your feet flat on the floor.
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