​​The Wrentham Public Schools believe in a multi-pronged approach to accountability:  student assessment; communication; parent involvement; and professional development.

Wrentham students remain the center of all that is done in the schools and the Wrentham staff feels accountable to them, assuring that through a full curriculum, a robust array of special subjects and an enriching atmosphere they will excel on federal, state and teacher-developed assessments.

It is a core belief that through communication between home and school a culture of success will develop and grow.

All Wrentham teachers are highly qualified, highly trained and committed to keeping their skills on the cutting edge, ensuring student achievement in school and in life.

Report Cards

No Child Left Behind​

Student Assessment

District Goals

Massachusetts Department of Education​

Massachusetts Curriculum Framework

Character Education

Our character education program involves teaching children about basic human values including honesty, kindness, generosity, responsibility, freedom, equality, and respect.  Throughout the school year, we focus on identifying and developing these character traits by focusing on various traits each month.

"The goal is to raise children to become morally responsible, self-disciplined citizens. Problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution are important parts of developing moral character. Through role playing and discussions, students can see that their decisions affect other people and things" (ASCD).

Subject Testing

The Wrentham Public Schools encourages a variety of assessments.  Performance assessments and authentic assessments are commonly used by the teachers here at our school.

Tests and quizzes are given regularly throughout the school year.  Teachers may give tests/quizzes at the end of chapters or units and after learning about certain concepts.