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Sun,Moon, Earth Webquest
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 A Sun, Moon, Earth Webquest




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   A Sun, Moon, Earth

          Web Quest

by Elaine Hammond


Welcome Explorers !    Buckle up your seatbelts and hang on. We are going to Blast Off  for an exciting journey through space. We will visit the Sun, the Moon and the planet called Earth.



Did you know that our sun is a star ? Our sun is a powerful star that makes life possible on our planet by providing heat and light. The moon is a natural satellite of the earth. The moon is a cold, dry orb whose surface is studded with rocks and dust.  The Earth is the third planet from the sun in our solar system. It is the planet we evolved on and the only planet in our Solar System that is known to support life.Why do we need the sun? What causes the sun to shine and give off heat? Can the sun be dangerous? Can the sun ever disappear? How was the moon created ? Is there life on the moon ? Will we ever live on the moon? What do we need to live on Earth ? How do we get our heat and light ? What makes up the Earth's surface ? How do the moon, Earth and the sun interact ? These are some of the questions we will be investigating through co-operative groups.


The Task

        Attention all Explorers ! Are you ready to Blast Off into our Solar System ? Hang on for a ride to the Sun, Moon and the Earth. You will experience all different kinds of atmospheres, so be prepared to have your space suit ready !

  1.            * You will divide up into 3 different groups of Explorers: Sun Explorers, Moon Explorers, and Earth Explorers.

                   * Each group of Explorers will have a specific task to accomplish.

                     * Each of you will be researching web sites, books and other sources  

to locate the information necessary for your task.

                    * Each group of Explorers will present your research in a variety of ways. Every group must have Kid Pix graphics for part of their presentation. The rest may be presented through posters, models of the Sun, Moon or Earth and a verbal presentation.


The Process and Resources

                   1. First you will be assigned to a group of Explorers.

                       2. Each member of the 3 groups of Explorers will need to pick a role.     The responsibilities of each member of the group are listed below.

 3.Once you have picked your role, you will start to gather your information.

4. Use the Task Cards to guide you. Draw pictures, record your information and save graphics to help make your final presentation look Fantastic !



Sun Explorer's Roles

Roles of Moon Explorers

Roles for Earth Explorers



Resources for Sun Explorers

Resources For Moon Explorers

Resources for Earth Explorers




Congratulations, Sun, Moon, & Earth Explorers !    Now that you have journeyed to the Sun, Moon & Earth, you should be loaded with sensational facts. Sizzling Sun facts about our amazing star, cool Moon Facts about our only natural satellite, and beautiful facts about the most wonderful planet in our Solar system ! Our Solar System is a pretty amazing system. There is life on our planet because of our distance from the sun, our atmosphere, and the light & heat from our Sun. You might say it is INCREDIBLE !


Evaluation  Click on Evaluation to see a Rubric. 


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Purpura, Linda