Mrs. Courtney Tufts' Room


​As third graders, you must take responsibility for your learning. That includes practicing important skills! Each night, you will choose activities to complete that will help you become better readers, writers, spellers, and mathematicians! You will also be able to make choices based on subjects you really enjoy.​

Reading Choice:

  • Read for at least 15 minutes.
  • Always have an indepdendent reading book at home.
  • Fill out the log for any books I've been reading at home.
  • Bring my book to school one completed so I can take an AR quiz.

Math Fact Choice:
  • ​Practice in a way that works for me!
  • Practice for at least 10 minutes.

Spelling Choice:
  • Choose ways to study my words that works for me! 
  • Be ready for my test on Friday.​
Spelling Choice Ideas

Math Skills Choice
  • Use Moby Max to review or learn new math skills.
  • Print out practice sheets online.
  • Review last week's work with my homework coach.​

Problem Solving Sheet
Writing Choice
  • ​​​Work on a piece of writing of your choice.
  • Remember to include a lead, develop details, use transitions, and write an ending.

Something Different

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