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​​​​Raz Kids


Nouns                                                            Verbs

Noun Explorer                                                          Verb Balloon Pop

Proper Nouns                                                           Ice Cream Verbs

Plural Nouns​                                                              Verb Viper


Adjectives                                 Adverbs

Adjective Adventure​                                             Pick It: Adverbs

Identifying Adjectives​                                          Adverb Millions

Pirate Adjectives                                                    Adventures: Adjectives and Adverbs​


Pronouns                                  Prepositions

Pronoun​  Clubhouse                                            ​Monkey Place Prepositions





 ​Compound Words               Prefixes/Suffixes

​​Matching Compound Words​                    Prefix + Baseword   

Matching Sports                                            Constructing Prefixes

Compound Word Concentration​            Suffix Flamingos

 Make A Compound Word  ​                       Prefix/Suffix Jellyfish​


Homophones/Homonyms      Context Clues

Homophone Memory                             Context Clue Cows ​      

Homophone Express                              Context Clue Millionaire

Homophone Which One?                     Context Clues Circus

Guess the Homonym​


Synonyms                           Antonyms     

Synonym Sam's Lab​                                Antonym Carnival Toss

Super Why Match Up                              Antonym Word Frog

Starship Synonyms                                  Opposite Match



Poetry Fun:

Ken Nesbitt's Poetry For Kids

Acrostic Poem - Interactive Program

Diamante Poem - Interactive Program​​

​​Figurative Language:

Define the Idiom