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     April 25, 2017 
ELASpelling - Menu Choice #1

Word Work - none this week

​MATHLine Plots - Lesson 1
​SCIENCEVernal Pool Trip Thursday - Wear pants, sneakers, hat


​​ ​The Big IDEAS for the Week of  April 25
ReadingHow do we introduce and write a conclusion for a literary essay? 

MathWhat strategies can we use when dividing whole numbers? How do you interpret remainders?
ScienceWhat is a population and what factors cause them to rise and fall?
​Social StudiesWhy did the early colonies struggle so much?
How did the colonization of the eastern U.S. impact the land?







9:40-10:30PE 1:05-1:50 (1st half )
Health 1:55-2:40 (2nd half)


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