Carefully sequenced skills that include print knowledge, alphabet awareness, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, handwriting and vocabulary development will be targeted. Critical thinking, speaking and listening skills are practiced during story time activities.

 The skills overview for each unit will be added during the year.

Unit 1 ( 12 weeks)

  • All lower case letters and sounds will be introduced
  • Letter formation is introduced
  • Sentence structure is introduced
  • Storytelling and Story recall/retell is introduced



Unit 2 (3 weeks)

  • Introduce upper case and lower case letter formation for all the letters
  • Syllable awareness
  • Alphabetical order

Unit 3 ( 4 weeks)

  • tapping out sounds
  • rhyming words
  • syllable awareness
  • blending
  • read three sound short vowel words