Mrs. Tammy Morgan's Room


​​​​​​Unit 15​​​​​​​​​​​


Home Practice

Choose the unit you would like to practice! 


Unit 1

Correct Trick Words:

they, said, you, your, was, & one

Unit 2

Correct Trick Words:

shall, pull, full, both, talk, walk 

Unit ​3

current Trick Words:

use, used, again, please, animal, sure

Unit 4

again, please, animal, sure, use, used

Unit 5

against, knew, know, always, often, once

Unit 6

only, house, move, right, place, together

 Unit 7

eight, large, change, ci​​​ty, something, night, carry, every, and family

Unit 8

world, different, answer​

Unit 9

father, mother, brother, earth, picture, learn

Unit 10

school, country, great, away, America, thought

Unit 11

​whose, won, son, breakfast, head, ready

Unit 12

early, favorite, ocean​









Unit 13

Monday, Tuesday, cousin, lose, beautiful, tomorrow​

Unit 14

​piece, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, bought, brought

Unit 15

January, February, July, enough, special, December

Unit 16​​

August, laugh, daughter

Unit ​17​​

​trouble​, couple, young