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Phone:​Mrs. Kelley - 508.384.5430 ext. 3480

Mrs. Marazzi - 508.384.5430​ ext.3470

 ​​-Poetry Vocabulary Test - continue to study each night. Test on Friday, March 30th.
​-Read for 20 minutes each night this week. Log due Monday, March 26th with at least 140 minutes. Happy reading!
-When you finish your "Just Right" book from home, bring it to school and get ready for an Accelerated Reading test.  
-begin to pick out a new Just right book at home as you come to the end of the book you are currently reading. Remember to always have two Just Right books ready to go.I'm happy to help you pick a book from our class library or school library. 
-once  you read a fiction book remember to read a nonfiction book next. Exercise your brain! 

Math 4 Today
Day 1 due Monday
Day 2 due Tuesday
Day 3 due Wednesday
Day 4 due Thursday

Social Studies
Complete the map and states and capitals of the Southwest Region.  QUIZ on Friday, March 23rd!
There are only 4 states!  You can do it!​

Other Items:
-pack a NUT -FREE snack - please check all labels carefully - Thank you!



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