3rd Grade



Place Value, Addition,  Subtraction and Time​Multiplication and Division​Fractions​Measurement​Geometry

-Reflex Math

-Moby Max Fact Master

-Subtraction Facts to 20​

-Fruit Splat Subtraction​

​-Fact Families

-Car Race with Addtion Properties​​

-Odd/Even Number Ninja​​

-The Place Value Game

​-Comparing Order Values​

- + and - Word Problem Baseball​​

Two-Step Problem Solving​

​-Estimation Game - Choose Length​

-Rounding Practice - Nearest 10

-Rounding Practice - Nearest 100​

-Mathman: Rounding to Nearest 100​

-Rounding Grid (Nearest 10 with 2- and 3-digit numbers)​

-Estimating (Sums and Differences)​​

-Clock Splat​​

-Clockworks (Medium)​

 -Number Cracker - Patterns

-Addition Table​

-Math Lines - Missing Addends​

-Number Bonds​

​-Power Lines - Challenge!​​​

-Shape Surveyor - Perimeter​

-Shape Shooter - Perimeter​​​

-Perimeter - Length of Missing Side​

-Reflex Math

-Moby Max Fact Master

-Multiplication Fact Fun

-Ants Marching (facts by table)

-Repeated Addition Racing

-Carl's Cookies Repeated Addition
-Multiplication Arrays​

-Word Problem Practice​

Pumpkin Multiples

Multiplication Game (strategy game)

​-Distributive Property - Video​
-Party Designer - Area​

Shape Surveyor - Area​

Shape Shooter - Area​
-Properties of Multiplication​

 -Math Lines - Multiplication​

-Dino Park Division ​
-Monster Math Division​
-Number Fact Families​

-Fraction Pizzas (Introduction)

Fraction Splat (various games)​

Equivalent Fractions​

Melvin's Make a Match
​ (equivalent fractions)​

-Comparing Fractions (same numerator or same denonimator)​

-Comparing Fractions on A Number Line

Fractions on a Number Line​​
Animal Rescue - Number Line​

Tug Team Fractions (comparing fractions)​​​

-​Ordering Fractions​

-Mixed Fractions​

-Fraction Fling (Mixed Fractions)​

-Mixed Fractions on a Number Line​

-Parts of a Group/Set​

-Half or Not Half​

-Pattern Blocks​

-Elapsed Time Game​

Petals Around the Rose (thinking game - not related to fractions)​

-Measuring Length to the Nearest Unit

-ABCY - Measuring​​

-Measure It! (Inches and Centimeters)

-Measuring with Benchmark Objects

​-Line Plots​

-Measuring with Milliliters​

-Mail the Package (length and weight)​

-Pictographs (pictograms)​

-Fuzz Bugs (bar graphs)​

-Create a Bar Graph​​​


-Classifying Angles

-Naming 2D Shapes

-Polygon or Not?

-Quadrilateral Review

-Math is Fun (interactive rhombus)​

-Line Shoot ​

-Angles Shoot​

Symmetry Games:

-​Mission Symmetry 

-Sammy's Symmetry Shuffle 

-Complete the Symmetrical Pattern​




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