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 ​​​Thursday, March 22, 2018
Read for at least 20 minutes and fill out your R.R. Log.

Weekly Reading Log.docx


MCAS Vocabulary/Spelling 
Week 17 MCAS Spelling Vocabulary Weekly Program.pdf

Thursday: Study words-Test tomorrow

Friday: Test

Monday: Costume/Prop due to present in class today

Dividing Whole Numbers Review questions due on Monday! This will be great practice for your 
Dividing Whole Numbers test (using partial quotients) on Tuesday, 3/27. 
Week 17 Daily Geo due tomorrow​
Bring in a 2-Liter bottle for Science on Monday​
Gym Show Prop Making will be from3:00-4:00 in the Gibbons Gymon Thursdays-Remember you need a note!

Report card envelopes due back by 3/23!

March Scholastic Book orders due by Thursday, 3/29! Let's get those orders in for new books for the classroom!

March Madness Foul shooting needs to be done by tomorrow morning! 

​​​​​​​Tomorrow's Special:  Library




Physical Education




Physical Education/Health* *2nd Half of Year







Class Calendar

Social Studies

*March Book orders are due Thursday, March 29th!
*Parent/Teacher conferences are Wednesday, 3/21 and Thursday 3/22
*Half Day on Thursday 3/29 for Teacher PD
*ELA MCAS will be on Monday 4/2 and Tuesday 4/3 for 5th grade

*Monthly Newsletters*
The Bevilacqua Bulletin October 2017.pdf
The Bevilacqua Bulletin November 2017.pdf

School Lunch Counter​


Michigan Football Team Embraces Special Player​

Types of Sentences​

Reading Street Online​

Similes and Metaphors Music Link​

Digital Readworks​

Front Row​

PARCC Practice​

MCAS Student Tutorial​

STAR Testing


Line Plots

Measuring Angles​

Moby Max

Reflex Math

Estimating Practice​

 Math Virtual Manipulatives Website

Name Picker​

Social Studies​

Mayan Ball Game

Explorer Research Websites

Explorer 1

Explorer 2

Explorer 3

Portuguese Explorers

Spanish Explorers

European Explorers-Kids Info​

Mariners Museum-Age of Exploration​


Argument Writing Links

Flavored Milk: Tasty Nutrition (Midwest Dairy Council)

Is the Calcium Worth the Sugar?

Should My Child Drink Chocolate Milk?

Drilling in ANWR Text Set Resources.docx

Why We Must Explore the Sea (Smithsonian.com)

Mars Can Wait. Oceans Can't (cnn.com)​

Literary Analysis Writing

Panyee Football Club​



Banking on Responsibility Class List

Banking on Responsibility Deductions

Banking on Responsibility Items to Purchase

Google Drive Sign In Information for Students









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